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A faint smile graced his lips, along with a chuckle spilling from his throat. For some reason, while this new person reminded him of Yubaba’s arrogant attitude, he quite liked him. It was not often he talked to people outside of when he was forced, so he did not meet many new people. However odd he was, Black*Star was quite refreshing. “I suppose I owe you my thanks then?”

"YES!" Black*Star gasped, pointing towards the other male. He ignored the chuckle for now. He was too up in the clouds at the moment to really respond to anything other than praise and whatnot…

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Resisting the urge to clamp his hands over his ears, Haku winced at the level of noise spewing from Black*Stars voice. Yelling was common in the Bath House, but he was sure that Black*Star’s voice surpassed even Yubaba’s shrill shrieks. “I see…” He replied, trying to clear the ringing within his head.

All these new words confused him very much. He had never heard of a ‘Shibusen’ nor ‘Kishen Eggs’ but he did know of Witches… he knew of them very well. This boy was no Demon. The Dragon boy bowed his head humbly, “I apologize for accusing you of being a Demon. I do hope you um, surpass God…”

"That’s right~" Black*Star calmed and crossed his arms again, smirking a very cocky grin. "That’s alright, I forgive you just this once~"

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Tsubaki smiled into the kiss again, she could feel him trying to strech to reach her, so instead she gently broke the kiss again, purring, and knelt down in front of him, “Better?” She stroked his face. He would always be her biggest Star, and she would forever be his biggest fan…

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Black*Star gave of somewhat of a pout. “Yeah but…I’m not that short…!” He then said to her, puffing out a cheek. He always felt small around her—which was one reason he went around calling himself so big half the time…

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He could not help the chuckle that escaped his throat, smiling a fraction. “Dragons are large reptilian beasts…” His eyes wandered the blue haired boy. He too looked quite strange. “How am I to be sure you are not a demon? I have never seen someone such as you before.”

"…Reptilian beasts…?" Black*Star asked, narrowing his eyes as if he was trying to think about what the word meant. And quite frankly—he was. In case Haku hadn’t noticed yet…Black*Star was an idiot.

Although he shook his head. “Whoa! HOLD UP!” He lifted his hands and shook his head. “No way! I’m a meister at Shibusen! Its my job to hunt Kishen eggs and witches and stuff! There’s no way I could be a demon, nu-uh! I NEED TO SURPASS GOD ONE DAY AND DEMONS CAN’T DO THAT!”


Eyes widening a fraction, Haku took a step back, not used to having his personal space invaded so readily. Giving the taller boy a confused stare, he replied with, “I am not sure what a Meister or a Kishen egg is… but I am certain I am no weapon. And frankly… I am not quite sure of my species,” he muttered running a hand through his hair, “I am able to shape shift into a dragon though.” he offered.

"Ohhh?" Black*Star leaned back again, crossing his arms. "What’s a dragon??" He asked the other. "Some kind of demon or whatever?"

/Le stares at Kid and Tsubaki

She grinned, “And Black*Star is my only meister…” She kissed him again, just overjoyed to finally have that confirmation from him. Even if she never became a deathscythe… she would always have the person she loved, and that was more than enough for her…

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Black*Star kissed her back again, before putting his arms around her waist. Of course he even had to stand a little up on his toes to match her height. No matter how big of a guy he was, he was still short.

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Haku quirked an eyebrow, not quite sure of how to deal with someone like this. So he opted to clear his throat instead. “I-I suppose.” He mumbled, returning to his rigid stance.

Black*Star stopped laughing and looked at the other. “SO! What’re you?” He leaned in close. “A weapon? Meister…? Kishen egg??”

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She smiled into the kiss and broke it reluctantly before nuzzling into his neck. There were so many things she wanted to tell him, so many things she wanted to say… but… her ear twitched, “Black*Star… even… even if I never become a death scythe… will you… will you always be there?”

Black*Star merely smiled to himself as she broke it off. For once, the great Black*Star had been silenced. He knew Tsubaki was destined for great things~ “Huhh?” He blinked a few times at her question before stepping back. He then looked at her for a moment before grinning widely. “OF COURSE!” He shouted. “Tsubaki’s the only weapon for me!”

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/Le stares at Kid and Tsubaki

He was kissing her back. He was kissing her back? Black*Star was kissing her back! She began to purr loudly and wrapped her arms around him, kissing him just a bit deeper. Oh, her life was complete now…

Black*Star set his hands on her waist and continued to kiss her back after he had regained himself from his little “meltdown”. He was just as surprised as she was. He never expected her to just…kiss him one day. He never even thought about that stuff really…

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Le stares at Kid and Tsubaki



She nodded gently. “I believe so, yeah.”

Black*Star flailed.


She folded her arms over her chest. “Yes, I’m serious!… I can understand your reaction… I’d do the same if I was put into your position.”